The Daily Competitive Pick6 Wager

BETTER value than
a traditional Pick6

    there's always a winner
    if a pick isn't placed you can
    still win the wager!
    compete against your peers

America's most exciting wager.
It's a $2 Pick6 with a twist...

Pick one horse in each leg to create one $2 wager

Score POINTS = Win + Place + Show.
Follow '123 nickname' on leaderboards

Score the most points to share in the pool

Example: If the horseplayer picked horse 1 in Race 3 below, the player has scored 6.4 points towards their total.

Wagers are automatically allocated a '123 Nickname' printed on each wager ticket.

Follow on LIVE national wager leaderboards displayed across America on-screen at tracks, on betting terminals and online.

Official Payouts From National Pools:

Highest scoring wager(s) wins 60%

2nd wins 30%

3rd wins 10%